vRealize Automation 7 Org vCD Network Selection for vCloud Director Endpoints

When leveraging vRealize Automation to provision to vCloud Air Network multi-tenant vCD based platforms, the business user may sometimes require the option to select which organization vDC network to attach the VM’s to during request stage.

This can be achieved by leveraging the VirtualMachine.NetworkN.Name (where N = vNIC number) custom property within vRealize Automation and configuring the property for selection within your blueprint.

Step 1 – Select the appropriate networks within the vCD reservation

Select Networks in Reservation

Step 2 – Create property definition in property dictionary (which is now located in the administration tab)

The property definition needs to be called: VirtualMachine.Network0.Name – which assigns the first NIC in the cloud machine to the specified network… if you wanted to multi-home your machine, you could create properties for VirtualMachine.Network1.Name etc. etc.

create property definition

Set the property to “Required” to ensure that the user has to select something from the list of available networks. Also set the display advice to “Dropdown” to create a dropdown list of available org networks.

Specify the Property Label as anything you want (this is what will be visible beside the dropdown)

Specify the label for the networks and the value name of the networks from the reservation in step 1 (the name needs to match what is collected from the reservation)

Step 3 – Optionally create a property group – this will make it easier to assign properties to blueprints

preoprty group

Specify that the property should be “Shown in Request” to ensure that the form is presented during request stage.

Step 4 – Assign the property group to the blueprint

In the design tab, select the vCD blueprint, select the virtual machine on the canvas, select properties and add the new property group that you defined in step 3.

assign property group

Now when you run the request you should see a new dropdown list when selecting the virtual machines from within the request form.

request stage

Validate that the VM is attached to the correct network and the IP address has been allocated by vCloud Director.



About ady189

Adrian is a double VCDX certified Technical Leader within VMware's vCloud Air Network team. The Global Cloud Practice is a specialist team of service provider focused architects who help VMware's partners build world class cloud services and products to take to the market. Adrian is the lead architect for the latest iteration of the vCloud Architecture Toolkit for Service Providers, for more information please see: vCAT Blogs
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